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Each day in 2018, I'll be posting a clip from a single film that's set on that particular date. I'll add links below as they go online; just click on the day's headline.

I've also created much more elaborate montages for specific days (or months) of the year. Most feature all the movie clips I could find that take place on (or reference) a particular date, while the month-at-a-time montages (in all caps) have each date represented by a single film clip.

I've also made a few other montages with other ideas, such as the one I created about lawyers for my daughter's law school graduation. They're listed at the bottom.

I've begun conversation with a local gallery about a 12-hour installation version of the piece that would begin at noon with January 1 and move through the year, one hour per month, culminating with December 31 at midnight, then continuing with January 1 at the stroke of midnight. I'll let you know how that comes along.

Most of these videos were created for my family members and movie friends; a few were commissioned by people for their friends or family. Endless thanks to John Drew, Darrel Manson, Evan Cogswell and other A&Fers, as well as folks like John Cody, Curtis Reed, Rosie Perera, Mel Kirby, Peter Chattaway, Peter Norman, dianne Reed, Paul Kerensa and others for their contributions.

JANUARY - 31 Days, 31 Movies
Jan 1   New Year Shows Downward Trend
Jan 2   Man Confesses To Country Club Membershipmontage
Jan 3   Maltese Falcon Turns Blind Eye To Library Vandalism
Jan 4   Che’s Chivalric Chum Charts Cartographic Challenge
Jan 5   Savoy Soiree Saps Sullivan
Jan 6   Epiphanymontage
Jan 7   Protracted Military Engagement Takes Toll
Jan 8   Summer Comes Early, May Not Stay
Jan 9   Snow And Cold In Forecast From Future
Jan 10  Second Thoughts About Truth In Journal ismmontage NEW
Jan 11  Skeleton Crew On Hand For Theme Park Openingmontage
Jan 12  Little Man With Big Dreams | montage
Jan 13  Evinrude Lures Gabor To Hudsucker Fate
Jan 14  Musician Endures Night Of Hitchcockian Horror
Jan 15  Touch Of Wellesmontage
Jan 16  Where Were You On
Jan 17  Playwright Returns From Grave To Launch Broadcast Career
Jan 18  Dirty Harry Joins High-Security Nudist Colony
Jan 19  Tough Cop Learns Lesson About Compassionmontage
Jan 20  Nearly Died On The Twentieth Of January
Jan 21  Precipitation Person Recalls Snowfall
Jan 22  Invisible Man Faces African Exile
Jan 23  Last-Minute Birthday Guests Overwhelm Hostsmontage
Jan 24  Recording Session Goes To Dogsmontage
Jan 25  Candid Camera Crosses To Dark Side
Jan 26  The Story You Are About To See Has Been Shortened
Jan 27  Anti-Ohio Prejudice Mars Legislative Proceedings | montage
Jan 28  Otherworldly Kid Bids Hud Fans Adieu |  montage
Jan 29
Jan 30
Jan 31

FEBRUARY - 29 Days, 29 Movies
Feb 1
Feb 2
Feb 3   Dogcatcher Birthday Afternoon | montage
Feb 4   Cyber-Cupid Creates College Computer Club
Feb 5   Feather Flurry Prompt Over-Reaction From Allergy Sufferer |  montage
Feb 6   Travel Club Scorns Tale of Mythical Online Bookshop
Feb 7   The Iceman Goeth
Feb 8   montage
Feb 9
Feb 10
Feb 11
Feb 12 montage  NEW
Feb 13
Feb 14
Feb 15 montage
Feb 18 montage
Feb 21 montage
Feb 23 montage
Feb 28 montage

MARCH - 31 Days, 31 Movies
Mar 1   montage
Mar 8   montage
Mar 10 montage
Mar 11 montage
Mar 13 montage
Mar 17 montage
Mar 18 montage
Mar 21 montage
Mar 28 montage
Mar 29 montage

April Fool's Day
Apr 1 montage
Apr 2 montage
Apr 3 montage
Apr 9 montage

May 10 montage
May 28 montage
May 30 montage

Jun 9   montage 
Jun 14 montage
Jun 27 montage
Jun 29 montage

JULY - 31 Days, 31 Movies
Jul 9   montage
Jul 11 montage
Jul 13 montage
Jul 17 montage
Jul 18 montage
Jul 19 montage
Jul 21 montage

AUGUST - 31 Days, 31 Movies
Aug 3   montage
Aug 4   montage
Aug 10 montage
Aug 24 montage

SEPTEMBER - 30 Days, 31 Movies
Sep 2   montage 
Sep 3   montage | September 3, 1939
Sep 15 montage
Sep 19 montage
Sep 21 montage
Sep 22 montage
Sep 28 montage

Oct 1   montage
Oct 6   montage
Oct 21 montage
Oct 22 montage
Oct 31 montage | Hallowe'en

NOVEMBER - 30 Days, 30 Movies
Nov 1   montage
Nov 2   montage
Nov 26 montage

DECEMBER - 31 Days, 31 Movies
Dec 1   montage
Dec 2   montage
Dec 8   montage
Dec 10 montage
Dec 11 montage
Dec 12 montage
Dec 17 montage
Dec 22 montage
Dec 27 montage
Dec 29 montage


NT Guilty: "Do you need a good lawyer?" 
My magnum opus, for my daughter Katie's law school grad

a fine watch: the days and hours of the jackal  the temporal preoccupations of a French masterpiece

thirteen days of glory  a whimsical invention on a couple incidents in American history

MINI Test Drive  edited from The Italian Job

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